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Louis Renzo

Scalamandre CEO

As a legendary American luxury brand, Scalamandré’s mission is to inspire interior designers with beautiful decorative textiles, wallcoverings, trimmings and furniture of the highest quality. 

Louis Renzo is the CEO of Scalamandre, a New York-based company which serves the Architectural and Interior Design trades by representing a collection of fine fabrics, wallcoverings, and other decorative accessories.

As CEO, Louis Renzo’s mission for Scalamandré is to continue to produce the most exquisite design introductions with seamless integration of styles and periods. Scalamandré’s ability to fluently blend a uniform balance of art and craftsmanship has been the company’s hallmark and since acquiring the company in 2009, Renzo has upheld those same standards. The company has always had a clear sense of integrity and that remains a testament to its rich heritage of uncompromising quality and distinction today.

Scalamandre has nine of its own to-the-trade showrooms in major metropolitan locations. In addition, it’s products are distributed around the world, through sales representatives and agent showrooms in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia. With textiles that have appeared inside the Kennedy White House and the Grand Curtain at the Metropolitan Opera House, Scalamandre has long been the go-to source for signature classics.

Over the course of the years, Scalamandre has been called upon by some of America’s most extraordinary properties from The White House to the Metropolitan Opera House. Long a destination for connoisseurs of fine design, Louis Renzo and the Scalamandre team continue to serve premier designers, decorators, and architects for their most distinguished projects. In 2017, Scalamandré merged with Stark Fabric and continues to operate 13 to-the-trade showrooms in major metropolitan locations, including its flagship New York location. Louis Renzo and the newly invigorated team, are seamlessly paving the way in ushering an old-school industry into the digital age.

The Scalamandre brand has always been a family affair, and although no longer in the hands of the Scalamandré family, Scalamandré is proudly run by CEO Louis Renzo and his sons Christopher and Louis Nicholas. The Scalamdre team continues to produce the most equidistant designs with seamless integration of styles and periods, while simultaneously inspiring designers and enriching their vision. Scalamandre ability to fluently blend a uniform balance of art and craftsmanship is truly unparalleled to their competitors. Scalamandre, the textiles house that built a name on historical reproductions and restorations in simply the essence of exquisite.

Scalamandre has been successfully creating and recreating fabrics for the worlds most illustrious clients for over 80 years. Louis Renzo and his team have upheld the untouchable reputation for quality, taste and style.

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