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At the heart of good business lies excellent communication. For business owners, this is among one of many skills worth honing. Entrepreneurial affairs hinge entirely on impactful connections, and without effective communication, most business proceedings are rendered futile. For those who operate at the helm of their business, below are some communication skills to consider cultivating.


Morale depletes when employees sense deceit in their superiors. Being candid with staff members is a surefire way to appeal to their emotional side and, in turn, gain their respect. Business owners who demonstrate pseudo sincerity or keep matters close to the vest seldom find success as a leader.


Sharing silly anecdotes and lighthearted jokes is one way to sprinkle humor into the dialogue. After all, all work and no play makes for a dull environment. However, it’s critical to stick to appropriate humor so as not to wander off into the territory of off-color comedy. Be friendly with your staff and employees, but always remember to keep the workplace professional. 


Showing empathy demonstrates humility, integrity, and benevolence. These attributes go a long way in forging positive employee relationships and keeping employees satisfied in the workplace. By listening to others and reaching out during times of woe, one can easily acquire this communication skill. When employees feel listened to and heard, it boots morale throughout the entire workplace. 


When you have a clear vision, it’s easy to get wrapped up in communicating the details of that vision to make it come to life. Keeping it short and sweet is one way to send a concise message. Getting bogged down in the details and mincing words will only deter an audience from listening. With that said, it’s wise to put a premium on brevity.


Not everyone communicates in the same manner. Business owners who grasp this concept are more likely to have meaningful conversations. Adapting to different preferences and communication styles is a savvy way to build connections with a diverse staff.


Harsh, direct tones don’t bode well for productive communication. Leading by fear is an ignoble approach, and no one deserves to be spoken down to. Being mindful of emotions shapes business owners into more sensitive communicators.